You are a home personal services company

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Today online ordering is increasingly becoming a standard for your customers, 73% say they have looked for a product or service online. However, few personal home services companies offer their services online, despite the significant potential for growth that this represents.

Since nature hates emptiness and for lack of a visible professional offer, the main part is left to new 100% digital players. And this is only the beginning!

With Ogustine, we regain power in our market. It is also the idea that unity is strength, that together we can create the first connected network of 100% professional personal home services, in a win-win relationship. A guarantee of quality that consumers will recognize, a strength that will also make it possible to imagine, but also to create, new opportunities for collaboration with large companies.

Since 2006 we have been supporting personal home service companies in many countries. Our success is closely linked to yours. That’s why Ogustine is not only our project, it’s also yours.

Why become a partner?

Self-employed worker

399 $/year

Personal home service company

499 $/year

This price includes a one-year subscription to the Ogust solution (Boost version) for a user account

Our mission: to find the best service companies for our customers so that they can become your customers!

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